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  • Dr. McGrath's Original Conditioning Animal Shampoo embodies our meaning of sensible simplicity - Made in the U.S. with plant based cleansers, apple cider vinegar, natural emollients, glycerin, and organic herbal extracts it's old school but with a nod to modern grooming science.

    Elinor McGrath was born around 1888 (exact dates unknown) in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Today animal crazy little girls dream about and even plan to become veterinarians but one hundred years ago there were no women veterinarians. Elinor however, had a spirit and concern for animals that propelled her to become one of the very first. She made her way to the Chicago Veterinary College and in 1907 was the first woman admitted to the school.

    Dr. McGrath’s was established to tell Elinor’s story and stand as a tribute to her life’s work in caring for animals. We’ve established the Elinor McGrath Scholarship Program to continue her legacy.

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