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Order Terms:
  • Minimum Order: $180.00
  • Accepts: MC/VISA/Amex/Discover
  • Lead Time: 2 business days
  • FOB: NJ
  • Shipping Method: UPS Ground
  • No eBAY Sales
  • Drop Ship Available for $5 drop ship fee plus regular shipping charges.
  • *NOTE: 24" and 36" beds are shipped at standard $20/piece. 42" beds are shipped at standard $25/piece.
  • Each of the "noodles" in the Soggy Doggy Doormat and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy is made from millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together, so the surface area of these products is much greater than meets the eye! The expansive surface area is the secret to microfiber chenille's tremendous absorbing power and super-fast drying!

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