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Order Terms:
  • New minimum of 5 units as of June 26, 2012.
  • Accepts: MC/Visa/Amex
  • FOB: NC
  • Lead Time: 2-3 Business Days
  • No Ebay Sales
  • Drop Ship Not Available
  • Money Back Guarantee: Satisfaction Guarantee: Partners are NOT obligated to offer the satisfaction guarantee. However, if a Partner chooses to offer the Guarantee, Company shall support Partner per the terms of the Guarantee. For any customer returns within the 45-day ownership period, Partner may send the returned Thundershirt to Company for a refund of the Wholesale Price. Partner must refund to customer the Retail Price. The 45 day period starts from the date the customer makes the retail purchase.
  • Thundershirt is a terrific solution for fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, jumping, barking and more. With its patent-pending design, Thundershirt s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs when anxious, fearful, or over-excited. Drug-free. Completely safe. Comfortable for dog. Has already helped tens of thousands of dogs. An 85% success rate. Money-back guarantee. Very easy to use. Recommended by thousands of vets and trainers around the world.

    Thundershirt's MAP pricing policy requires retailers to advertise and sell the Thundershirt for at least $39.95 for Grey shirts and at least $44.95 for sport rugby shirts. Thundershirt retailers are not permitted to participate in the FBA program on

    Thundershirt products are not to be offered for sale on any internet auction website, including but not limited to eBay, and any third-party website fulfillment such as Fulfilled by Thank you for your understanding.

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