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Munchworthy Minnows for Cats & Dogs Scout & Zoe's
  Product Description  
Every pup and dogsters will fall in love with our Munchworthy Minnows (R). These minnows are wild caught from the clear, clean waters of Wisconsin and freeze dried into total yumminess.

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Carpius Maximus Carp Spears for Cats Scout & Zoe's
  Product Description  
Kitties love carp! And they will totally fall head over paws for our Carp Spears! Smoked USA carp fresh from the waterways of Kentucky, these spears are just what every cool cat and kitty dreams of while napping in the sunshine.

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Lamb Lung Cat Treats Scout & Zoe's
  Product Description  
Looking for a treat that your cat will really love? Try our crunchy lamb lung. This tasty tidbit is created from USA raised lamb lung, then freeze dried. 1.5 oz.

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