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Halloween Dog Treats 6 oz.- SOLD OUT 2022 GivePet Treats- CatalogDog
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When you buy a bag of our premium treats, we donate the very same goodness to shelters near you. And as always, these soft chewy nugs are made with nothing but peace, love and the finest all-natural ingredients. Made in the U.S. Plant based.

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GivePet Holiday Dog Treats GivePet Treats- CatalogDog
  Product Description  
Holiday Treat Collection that gives back. Peppermint Bark contains carob, molasses and peppermint. Pugly Sweater Party contains cinnamon, ginger and peanut butter. Both are soft & chewy. Grain Free. Made in the U.S.

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GivePet Dog Treats 6 oz. GivePet Treats- CatalogDog
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6 oz bags. View details for flavor descriptions. All treats are small batch, grain free with no added sugar or salt. Made in the USA.

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GivePet Dog Treats 12 oz. GivePet Treats- CatalogDog
  Product Description  
Grain free treats. Breakfast all day includes eggs,bacon and hash browns. Campfire Feast include salmon. Doghouse Rocks include bacon, peanut butter & banana. Ranch Hand include bison. For each bag sold, treats for 10 shelter dogs are donated.

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