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Goodie Bone (no rope) Kong - CatalogDog
  Product Description  
The extra small Puppy Bone comes attached to Kong's cotton dental rope. For Puppies Under 4 lbs. 2 to 9 Months. Now available for Medium size dogs.

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Kong Puppy Wubba
Kong - CatalogDog
  Product Description  
The Kong Puppy Wubba is a fun, interactive toss and tug toy. Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two rubber balls - a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath.
Assorted colors, blue and pink.

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Kong Puppy Kong - CatalogDog
  Product Description  
Puppy Kongs design, size, and unique rubber assists in teething, promotes essential play, and soothes sore gums. Try the KONG Stuff'N Snaps as a tasty treats to go inside, although most any treat will do. Assorted pink and blue.

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