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PAWZ Inline Display Pawz Dog Boots
  Product Description  
The perfect way to keep a permanent PAWZ display and sales in your store. Includes 21 Color Boots, 3/size, 6 tins of 60g Max Wax Tins and a Merchandisng Header Card.

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PawZ Floor Display Pawz Dog Boots
  Product Description  
The PawZ floor display with Color & Black and White PawZ. Display is 20" x 13" x 59". Shipped in two cartons to include display and product/pegs. View details for a color and size breakdown.

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Pawz Dog Boots Pawz Dog Boots
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Fashionable yet durable. Works great in snow, dirt, chemicals, pesticides & as medical cover-up. Most natural feeling boot because material is so thin your dog can feel the ground providing sense of security and confidence. 12 per pack/one color.

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Pawz Display Pawz Dog Boots
  Product Description  
Pre-packed cardboard display containing 4/Tiny, 4/XXS, 5/XS, 4/S, 5/M, 4/L, 2/XL

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