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Feedtastic COMPLETE Probiotic Pellet American Pet
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Supports better digestion & increased immune function. Fortified with prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.
Helps stabilize the digestive tract. Increases development of beneficial micro-flora, and discourages growth of pathogens.
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Probiotic Gel All Pet American Pet
  Product Description  
All breed mammal oral digestive support gel with added PROBIOTICS*PREBIOTICS*VITAMINS. Use during diet or weather changes, following antibiotic treatment, breeding, & veterinarian advice to support and maintain normal appetite and digestion.

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Canna Companion for Dogs and Cats Katie's Pet Products
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Regular and Extra Strength (more CBD). Contains less than .3% THC (legal and safe limit). Great to encourage calm demeanor & reduce anxiety, supports healthy GI tract, immune support, relieve joint discomfort associated with normal activity.

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Enzyme and Probiotics Blend Mendota Products
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Concentrated enzyme blend from fresh vegetable sources that contain live, viable, naturally occurring, micro-organisms to help support a healthy digestive system. 4 oz. powder.

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