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Low Rim Beco Cat Bowls Only An Ocean
  Product Description  
With a classic and simple design this cat bowl has been made with a low-rim to reduce whisker interference. Made from plant-based materials it sits comfortably in any home.

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Hero Bowl Collection Only An Ocean
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Made from premium recyclable polypropylene including a built in Silver Ion Technology for antimicrobial protection in a range of stunning colors to suit any home. Dishwasher safe, non-slip, ergonomic.

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Beco Cat Bowls Only An Ocean
  Product Description  
Cat bowls made from bamboo, rice husks and degradable plastic. Low rims make for no whiskerference. Outer diameter is 6.7"

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Ceramic Bowls (REP-0056) Bowsers Pet Products
  Product Description  
Ceramic bowls that fit perfectly for Meshidai Feeders. Lead free. Diswasher safe. XSmall holds 3/4 c. & is 4.25"x4.25"x1.75". Small holds 1 c. & is 5.25"x5.25"x2.25".Medium holds 3.75 c. & is 7.25" x7.25"x3.25".Large holds 8.75 c. & is 10"x10"x4.25".

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