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Peanut butter flavored, grain free (coconut flour) 4" drip birthday cakes. 4" x 3-4" high. Freeze cakes immediately upon arrival before removing from box. Thaw 2-4 hours. Write CROWNS in Special Instructions if you prefer over Happy Birthday.

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9"Peanut Butter Birthday Bone Cake Dog Cake Bakery (formerly Bow Wow Dog Bakery)
  Product Description  
9" x 4" x 2-3" bone shaped birthday cake. Cakes are fresh & soft. Once frozen, thaw cakes 2-4 hours. If you prefer Crowns to Happy Birthday, enter Crowns in Special Instructions (no extra charge). View Details for Ingredients.

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  Product Description  
Grain free cupcakes are regular size. Once frozen, thaw for 1.5 hours. Choose from Holiday, Blue, Pink or Tan. You choose which four you want: all one color or mix/match. View details for ingredient panel.

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