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Dog Breed A-K Socks Easy Order Form

Made in the USA. Cotton blend with spandex and nylon. Available in 2 sizes! Sold in 3 packs per design and size.


 Size 9-11
Size 10-13
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Afghan Hound/Gray (PH1196L) ON SALE
Australian Cattle Dog/Black (PH1456) ON SALE
Border Terrier/Black (PH1488L) ON SALE
Gordon Setter/Gray (PH412) ON SALE
Akita/Gray (PH1529)
Airedale/Gray (PH863)
Airedale/Black (PH1471)   
Alaskan Malamute/Gray (PH864)
American Eskimo/Black (PH1254)
Australian Cattle Dog/Gray (PH855)
Australian Shepherd/Gray (PH835)
Australian Shepherd/Blue (PH1141)
Basenji/Gray (PH1080)
Basset/Gray (PH1059)
Basset Black (PH1251)
Bernese Mountain Dog/Gray (PH190)
Beagle/Gray (PH319)
Beagle/Blue (PH1146)
Beagle/Black (PH1252)
Bearded Collie/Gray (PH883)
Belgian Malinois/Gray (PH1887)
Bernese Mountain Dog/Blue (PH11740
Bichon Frise/Gray (PH949)
Bichon Frise/Black (PH1153)
Bloodhound/Gray PH865)
Border Collie/Gray (PH570)
Border Collie/Blue (PH1148)
Border Terrier/Gray (PH991)
Borzoi/Gray )OH1560)
Boston Terrier/Gray (PH1042)
Boston Terrier/Blue (PH1152)
Boxer/Gray (PH963)
Boxer/Black (PH1154)
Brittany/Gray (PH373)
Brussels Griffon/Gray (PH767)
American Bulldog/Gray (PH1328)
American Bulldog/Blue (PH1321)
Bulldog/Gray (PH988)(DISCONTINUED)   
Bulldog/Black (PH1054)
Bullmastiff/Black (PH1496)
Bull Terrier/Gray (PH1006)
Catalhoula Leopard/Gray (PH1662)
Cairn Terrier/Gray (PH1067)
Cavalier King/Gray (PH755)
Cavalier King/Black (PH1155)
Chesapeake Bay/Gray (PH1192)
Chihuahua/Gray (PH286)
Chihuahua/Blue (PH1172)
Chinese Crested/Gray (PH867)
Chow Chow/Gray (PH770)
Cocker Spaniel/Gray (PH890)
Cocker Spaniel/Parti (PH1534)
Collie/Gray (PH828)
Corgi Cardigan/Gray (PH931)
Corgi Cardigan/Blue (PH1171)
Corgi Pembroke/Gray (PH925)
Corgi Pembroke/Black (PH1458)
Corgi Pembroke/Blue (PH1168)
Coton de Tulear (PH1411)
3 Dachshunds/Gray (PH1063)
Dachshund Black /Gray (PH823)
Dachshund Black/Blue (PH1188)
Dachshund Red/Gray (PH774)
Dachshund Red/Black (PH673)
Dalmatian/Gray (PH868)
Doberman/Gray (PH590)
French Bulldog/Gray (PH869)
German Shepherd/Gray (PH484)
German Shepherd/Blue (PH1187)
German Shepherd/Black (PH1486)
German Shorthaired Pointer/Gray (PH889)
Golden/Gray (PH512)
Golden/Black (PH618)
Golden/Blue (PH1170)
Gordon Setter/Gray (PH412)
Great Dane/Gray (PH1716)
Great Pyrenees/Gray (PH882)
Greyhound/Gray (PH989)
Greyhound/Blue (PH1139)
Greyhound Italian (PH1393)   
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