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Dog Breed H-Z Socks Easy Order Form

Made in the USA. Cotton blend with spandex and nylon. Available in 2 sizes! Sold in 3 packs per design and size.


 Size 9-11
Size 10-13
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Havanese/Gray (PH581)
Irish Setter /Gray (PH870)
Irish Wolfhound/Gray (PH1064)
Italian Greyhound/Gray (PH1393)
Jack Russell/Gray (PH38)
Jack Russell/Black (PH1156)
Japanese Chin/Gray (PH860)
Keeshound/Gray (PH777) 
Lab Black/Gray (PH932)
Lab Black/Blue(PH1147)
Lab Chocolate/Gray (PH933)
Lab Chocolate/Black (PH1050)ON SALE 
Lab Yellow/Gray (PH934)
Lab Yellow/Black (PH965)
Lhasa Apso/Gray (PH871)
Maltese/Gray (PH235)
Maltese Puppy Cut/Gray (PH1270)
Maltese Puppy Cut/Blue (PH1246)
Maltese Puppy Cut/Black(PH1457)
Mastiff/Gray (PH872)
Mini Pin/Gray (PH873)
Newfoundland/Gray (PH1014)
Norwich Terrier/Gray (PH874)
Old English Sheepdog/Gray (884)
Papillion/Gray (PH1272)
Papillion/Blue (PH1169)
Pekingnese/Gray (PH885)
Pit Bull American/Gray (664)
Pit Bull American/Black (PH1157)
Pomeranian Black/Gray (PH917)
Pomeranian/Gray (PH566)
Pomeranian/ Black (PH787)
4 Poodles/Gray (PH1255)
Poodle Apricot/Gray (PH1084)
Poodle Apricot/Blue (PH1137)
Poodle Black/Gray (PH1081)
Poodle Black/Blue (PH1136)
Poodle Gray/Gray (PH1082) ON SALE 
Poodle White/Gray (PH1083)
Portuguese Water Dog/Gray (PH519)
Pug Black/Gray (PH851)
Pug Fawn/Gray (PH1636)
Pug Fawn/Blue (PH1869)
Pug Fawn/Black (PH1870)
Rat Terrier/Gray (PH663)
Rhodesian Ridgeback/Gray (PH875)
Rhodesian Ridgeback/Black (PH591)
Rottweiler/Gray (PH876)
St. Bernard/Gray (PH437)
Samoyed/Gray (PH825)
Samoyed/Black (PH826)
Schnauzer/Gray (PH1176)
Schnauzer/Black (PH1044)
Schipperke/Gray (1202) 
Scottie/Gray (PH1065)
Scottie/Blue (PH1178)
Shar Pei/Gray (PH877)
Shetland Sheepdog/Gray (PH418)
Shetland Sheepdog/Blue (PH1149)
Shiba Inu/Gray (PJ668)
Shiba Inu/Black (PH1459)
Shih Tzu/Gray (PH1060)
Shih Tzu/Blue (PH1184)
Shih Tzu Puppy Cut/Gray (PH1257)
Siberian Husky/Gray (PH878)
Siberian Husky/Blue (1164)
Silky Terrier/Gray (PH861)ON SALE 
Springer Spaniel/Gray (PH559)   
Springer Spaniel/Blue (PH1177)
Tibetan Terrier/Gray (PH879) ON SALE
Vizla/Gray (PH880)
Vizla/Black (PH516)
Weimaraner/Black (PH500)
Westie/Gray (PH1002)
Westie/Black (PH1159)
Wheaten/Gray (PH998)
Wheaten/Black (PH1160)
Whippet/Gray (PH1396)
Wire Fox Terrier/Gray (PH579)
Yorkie/Gray (PH521)
Yorkie Puppy Cut/Gray (PH1271)
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