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Himalayan Rock Salt on Rope Jolly Pets/Horsemen's Pride
  Product Description  
Himilayan Rock Salt on a rope. Purest form of salt available. Contains many of the valuable minerals that horses need. High density of Himilayan salt licks resists breakage and biting in order to last longer.

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Jolly Goodies Apple Treats Jolly Pets/Horsemen's Pride
  Product Description  
Apple Treats in two sized bags: 7 oz and 2.5 lbs.

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Amazing Graze Pasture Feeder Jolly Pets/Horsemen's Pride
  Product Description  
Durable, thick walled plastic treat dispenser allows treats to be gravity fed. Ample space for hose treats (apples, carrots, alfalfa cubes). 4 in. access hole easy to open and close, large enough for cleaning.

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  Product Description  
Fun apple shaped holder houses a great snack for any horse. Durable. Alleviates boredom for stalled horses. Flavors: apple, carrot or mint.

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Stall Snack Refills Jolly Pets/Horsemen's Pride
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Refill fits Stall Snack, Stall Snack Combo or Jumbo Lick. Flavors available: Apple, Carrot, Mint, Molasses, or Himalayan Rock Salt.

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